TV ad with drawing of Voluptua.

<H1>Voluptua:  Television's Love Goddess</H1><BR>

The wild days and nights of a TV Love Goddess

From 1954 to 1955, Gloria Pall reigned as KABC's gorgeous goddess of love, hostess to the station's romance movies from 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM. Starting on December 15, 1954, early TV viewers had to cool off their sets while the stunning Miss Pall entertained them as Voluptua.

Voluptua would enter to swelling theme music. Blonde, in a gold lame' evening gown, she enters dragging a fur behind her on the floor. From her seat on her crescent lounge in her "loving room," you see she is surrounded by silks and drapes that hang from the ceiling. Cushions and animal skins are strewn about. There are ashtrays shaped like golden cherubs, a telephone stand shaped like a large bejeweled, white-gloved hand, along with a giant heart-shaped chandelier.

Exhaustedly, as the camera moved in for a close up she would say, "I'm not breathless from hurrying here for our date, I'm breathless because I know the date is with you. Welcome to my boudoir.. I want you to feel that it's your special hideaway. So relax.. take off your shoes... loosen your tie... Together you and I are going to be good friends..." She stretches and kicks off her shoes. "You know, I was out this evening, something was wrong... something was missing. And you know what it was? You weren't there. So I dashed home because I knew you'd be here, right at 9:30. And now I feel all good and warm. You and I are together at last, as we will be each Wednesday at this time."

Gloria Pall as Voluptua

Between breaks, Voluptua shows us around her apartment. There's the telephone (trimmed in mink, of course) that doesn't ring, but sings softly, "Voluptua... Voluptua." She has a large, heartshaped Book Of Secrets from which she reads the experiences of great lovers of history and what women like Cleopatra, Helen of Troy and Madame DuBarry did to attract and hold their men.

The Eyeful Tower, as Voluptua is sometimes known, stands nearly six feet tall, with a 39-24-37 measurement sure to drive mild men wild and wild men wilder! She would often appear in public with four pastel-colored poodles on a leash and drop scented handkerchiefs embroidered with her name wherever she would like to be remembered.

The Goddess of Love and romance, unfortunately was just a little too hot for the small screen. Seven weeks after she first appeared, she was fired, due to one community that got six hundred signatures on a petition demanding the program be cancelled. Maybe some of the wives got a little upset when she would only wear pajama tops on her show and coo, "I've been waiting for this moment all night so that I could seal our bedtime story with a kiss." At any rate, she steamed the screen and everybody screamed in 1955!

Gloria Pall as Voluptua Gloria and her career kept going despite the cancellation of her show. Her list of movie credits include; Abbott and Costello go to Mars, Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation, Ma and Pa Kettle go to Paris, Elmer Gantry, Night of the Hunter, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, The French Line, Bowery Boys, and Jailhouse Rock. She worked as an Earl Carroll girl, did much Live TV along with regular TV. Catch Gloria on the Bob Cummings Show, Twilight Zone, Racket Squad among others. (Gloria spent time on the road preforming with Spike Jones before she did her Voluptua show.) She's been featured in Life and many many other Magazines... So,

If the Goddess of Love has you under her spell don't worry! Visit Gloria Pall's web site: click here for a visit to the Love Goddess. She has books for sale on all her adventuresl Be sure to check it out

Gloria Pall on cover of Man magazine. Gloria on the cover
of "Man" magazine.
Vampire and Voluptua - Gloria/Voluptua, again

(left) "Chill and Charm" Girls (Vampira/Maila Nurmi and Voluptua/Gloria Pall) meet at the emmys. Maila is all in ice blue, from hair to gown. Gloria is in a daring dark number.

Article thanks to PartiGirl.