Screen Legend Gloria Pall, an old friend!

Al Martinez authored a piece in today's front page Daily News on my longtime sweet friend Gloria Pall.

This woman adorned many front covers during the 50's and 60's that many a woman were envious of, while their husbands stared with glee.

Never having gone naked, Gloria remained a beauty and an elegant one at that. She appeared in over 70 flicks and she was also Elvis Presley's first true love. Before the other ladies in his life, there was the blonde bombshell Gloria Pall. Not just another pretty face, but a very talented and shrewd business woman of her time. Both she and Elvis would remain lifetime friends to his dying day.

Gloria played smaller roles in many films, but did work with Hollywood's leading talent in those times, and she was very much in demand as well. Interviewed in the late 1980's or early 1990's by then Hollywood entertainment reporter Dorothy Lucey, she was as funky dressed as ever, and also right there doing the interview.

Gloria has been a part of Hollywood's older inner circle. When asked what her best role was, she answered in her typical (STILL) Flatbush New York accent…a BAGEL! Now that's the Gloria Pall I have known all these years, a very sweet and spontaneously humorous lady. Often dressed funky for conventions and shows, she is still here God bless her, and she remains from a once great generation of entertainers who have long vacated their seats for the crowd that now is Hollywood.

There are times when I have hosted Gloria here and picked bags of oranges for her from my Valencia orange tree. She loves Oranges!!! She is also possibly the daughter of screen legend Mae West. This has been something she has pursued for quite some time and I find it fascinating it may well be a hardcore fact rather than fiction.

Speaking of fiction and writing, she is also an author as well, having penned a number of books during her tenure and beyond. If it could be said there is a renaissance woman, it would have to be Gloria Pall. She also does seamstress work too, creating many of the fashions she wears out. She does have a somewhat love affair as such. Yet in all of this, you would think the current Hollywood might offer her a spot on a modern sitcom and take advantage of this longtime part of Hollywood history.

Well, whatever happens she is still with us God bless her, and I am hoping to soon pick more oranges for her.

If ever there was an older actress of Hollywood that most people still can adore, it would have to be Gloria Pall. Check out the pic below of her with her close and longtime friend, Elvis.

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