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Stories behind 50s covers. Ah...the 50's...a wonderful time in my life and in the world. During those years I enjoyed the privilege of adorning hundreds of magazine covers and the fame of being a famous pin-up girl internationally. My pictorial book, "Let's Get Under My Covers" has a chronological table of contents that parallels events in the world at the same time that I appeared on those covers. There are also well over 100 photographs inside, including centerfolds from Esquire and Girlie magazines that are no longer here.

My life has gone through bright lights and dark passages with glamorous and terrifying experiences. Going back and forth to Hollywood put me in touch with the most famous and infamous people alive including royalty and Elvis Presley. I dated the world's richest men such as Howard Hughes who was fascinated by my aircraft background and by the fact that I was on the 56th floor of the Empire State Building in 1945 when the B-25 bomber crashed into the 79th floor. In 1963, when I had a lavender real estate office on the Sunset Strip, Howard was my top client having me find hideaway homes in the Hollywood Hills for his starlets. I have had an active movie and TV life and my books appear in the research libraries of both USC and UCLA.

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From an early job as an aircraft mechanic working on bombers and fighter planes, my path led to winning a "Miss Flatbush" beauty contest ('47), becoming a model, winding up as a Showgirl in Reno and then in Las Vegas. 1954 found me creating a TV show called "Voluptua" which appeared on ABC TV for 7 hot weeks. It caused a furor and the headlines blasted boldly, "VOLUPTUA FIRED FOR BEING 'TOO TORRID FOR TV!'" It was just suggestive--corny not porny--but the public couldn't handle it at the time. You can read some of the Opening Lines here:

Now that we've come to the new millennium, I am a journalist and also write books about that wonderful era and the superstars I worked with and met. I love sharing stories, and tidbits of secret information, about such stars as Elvis and Marilyn and my interaction with them and many others. By appearing in many local memorabilia shows I am able to meet fans both young and old that are interested in talking to me about the fabulous 50's.

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Enjoy your life as I did mine!
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